26 April 2011

Finishing Touch

No, not on the quilt. That's already done and currently being judged.

I was in the yard shooting pictures of our tulips when The Lizard popped out to announce, "I need you to make me a snowflake for my bike."

"Poof! You're a snowflake for your bike!" I squealed, wiggling my nose "Bewitched"-style for effect.

I nearly dropped the camera and squished the tulips in my excitement to get back in the house to find out what exactly My Dear Husband had in mind. He wants a crocheted snowflake!!! For his manly man bike!

I've been carrying a lizard or two in my pack or in my commute bag for a couple of years now. So it's only fair The Lizard carry along a snowflake. At least sometimes.

Schofield Lizard at the foot of Gothic MountainThe Lizard is building a mountain bike from the ground up. He's nearly done. It's almost ready for its inaugural ride.

But it needed just one more thing...

A snowflake!

"It's got this hole in the back of the saddle, where you are supposed to hang a reflector, but I think it needs a snowflake," he said. "Do you have one about this size I can hang there?" He made a circle with his fingers to show me how big a snowflake he wants. About two inches across.

Cortez likes to go cross-country skiing.Just so happens I have a mountain bike-safe one looking for a permanent home. Back in January, I tried out Jelly Yarn for the first time, and it's weatherproof. So I've had my Silverheels Snowflake dangling from my pack ever since.

Silverheels has a clone little sister, also called Silverheels. The younger Silverheels is lighter and more delicate. Within seconds, she was securely attached to The Black Pearl.

"My steed's getting quite the reputation already," The Lizard commented. "A Black Pearl wearing Silverheels. And she hasn't even been out on the trail yet."

ears duly perkedRed rock is calling. And The Black Pearl's ears are duly perked.

"You've added weight to my bike, though," The Lizard lovingly growled as I snapped photos. But he couldn't hide his enthusiasm. "Don't you think this black bike would look cool with a bunch of white snowflakes painted down the frame?"

Oh, yes!!!

"But that would void the warranty," The Lizard moaned in second thought.

"Well, wait until the warranty expires, and then you can sand it down and paint it any way you want," I offered.

"It's a lifetime warranty," The Lizard mused. "That's why I bought this bike."

Well, then, I guess Silverheels will just have to suffice. The Lizard will just have to be a One Snowflake Man.

Ready for Launch
Securing Silverheels
Caressing Silverheels


  1. THAT is so cool!! What a wonderful way to always be with him!! And a lizard with you every where you go? AWESOME!!

  2. Aww! What a cute story! The Lizard is so sweet...and secure in his manhood. :) Not many men would put something 'feminine' on anything they own. I'm married to one of them. :)

  3. Love the snowflake. And my husband will enjoy looking at the bike. I know he'll say something about full suspension when he sees the pictures. :)

  4. P.S. I was wrong. Husband said a great many complimentary things about the bike, but "full suspension" was not among them. When I asked him why not, he said, "Well, it's a hardtail. There's only front suspension." Of course. (Just my bike ignorance at work again.) :)

  5. Haha, the paint part was funny. Men and their toys... It's cute that there's a snowflake hanging in the back of the bike!

  6. What an awesome supportive hubby you have, asking to sport one of your snowflakes on his bike! It looks fantastic hanging there and you could probably even put a small reflector right in the center of it if he still wanted one. So cool!!!

  7. Ha, ha! "You're a snowflake".
    Ah, The Lizard is a One Snowflake Man. Love it. That story will be with me forever!
    Did you say you had a couple of lizards? ;)
    So whose lifetime is the warranty for? The Companys or the bikes?

  8. This is my favorite post of 2011. I just giggled, grinned, laughed and nodded my head in assent all the way through.

    Love this. Also, if you ever make more of those weatherproof snowflakes... I can think of a really good home for one. :)

  9. it's the little things that a man will do, to show he truly loves you.....
    that's such a sweet story :)


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