19 April 2011

Blowin' in the Wind

Six hours in the garden while The Lizard built his mountain bike, seven hours together battling wind and a couple of steep foothills, yet another storm on the horizon, three hours fighting a prehistoric computer in order to meet a tax deadline...

What a pain in the back!!

Nevertheless, Uncle Sam has our chunk of the pie, training is going well, relentless wind is making us strong, and the garden is going to be great. Yes, there will be weeds, rabbits and grasshoppers. But the garden will be successful!

Because I'm cheating. I'm keeping half of it indoors where critters and weather can't consume my efforts.

turned and trenched
rainbow potted and bunny-proofed


  1. you tried to do a rainbow effect with the buckets, didn't you :) ? That's so cute. What are you growing this year?

  2. Yesssss, plants growing :). It´s vey windy here, too. Everything is flying around and around and around...

  3. Don't you love being married to a guy who can build a bike? I do. He's always happy to act as my personal bike mechanic. I couldn't tighten a spoke to save my life. But then, I don't need to. :)

  4. P.S. My husband strolled by, glanced at the monitor, and said "Oh, he's building a mountain bike." "How can you tell at a glance?" I asked. "It's got a disc. Isn't it obvious?" he said (very kindly NOT rolling his eyes at my ignorance).
    I love the climbing quote too. When we lived in California I always preferred climbing to descending. (We live in the Midwest now and there are very few hills to conquer in our neck of the woods.)

  5. Thanks, Anna, Neferi and Mrs. Micawber!

    Anna, this year's crop hopefully will include double the sunflowers, double the corn, double the carrots, onions, four varieties of peppers, two varieties of squash, sweet peas, green beans, two varieties of tomatoes, beets, kohlrabi, spices galore, mint galore, strawberries, grapes, blueberries and raspberries. We hope to have enough to freeze dry some this year.

    Mrs. Micawber, I am so excited to learn I have yet another wife of a cyclist in my blog neighborhood! Your comments brought me smiles!

  6. Rainbow pots! Maybe it's not too late for me to try again this year. (Last year I, um, killed my plants. It gets really hot over here.)

  7. It seems The Lizard is happy, happy! I love the rainbow pots of veggies to be.

  8. there you go and find time for gardening and bicycling, I need a new excuse for not cycling.

  9. Happiness? Is seeing the Lizard putting together this critter. Excellent shot of focused concentration!

    Your garden will be impressive. The little seedlings are probably wondering what they've gotten themselves into, coming into the world in color-coordinated pots. :)

  10. I saw "six hours in the garden" and I gasped. You must have a very very strong back now!!!! I can last an hour on a good day. But, it's not gardening season here yet.

    Good luck with the garden. Glad that the bike training is going well! Can you send the Lizard over here - lots of mechanical problems are besetting my three mountain bikes. "Overuse syndrome" is what my husband calls it!

  11. That rainbow of pots is the best thing I've seen in forever. Good luck with your gardening efforts!!!


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