28 April 2011

Eye Candy

sock attack
sock it to me
Gone Daffy


  1. :) thank you for these lovely pics :)

  2. Such wonderful color. All of those socks hanging from the tree...they make me laugh!

  3. OMGOSH. THOSE EARRINGS!!! I love them! Share the pattern, please!

  4. This is very timely! I just came in from draping a scarf over some lettuce plants to take pictures of it. Nature makes a great prop, although it often steals the spotlight.

  5. Snowflake earrings! Total eye candy.

    (scratches head, wonders if El Diente would translate to earrings...)

    Congratulations on being featured over at Niamh Griffin's place! So good to see you standing shoulder to shoulder with those powerful, inspiring women- the shot of you holding the bike over your head is super sweet, too.

  6. OMGosh! I love the sock tree! Great pics!

    Cheers! ~Merri

  7. Thank you everyone!

    Thanks, Ti... not so sure I'm shoulder to shoulder... I think my head is at their knee level!!!

    Ti and YuLian, El Diente is the earring culprit! The pattern is here.

  8. Love the way those flowers can wear earrings! The sock tree is happy!

  9. Flowers and amazing socks. What a combo. "Eye candy" is right!

    I also love the socks hanging in the desert, either near Fruita or Moab - I'm not sure which.

  10. Okay now every family should have one of those sock trees growing in their backyard, absolutely, especially for those lost sock episodes in life...the purple flower with the blue snowflakes...how lovely they are! Very cool post!

  11. Seeing your darling snowflake earrings reminds me that my latest Patternworks catalog has tiny sheep, birds, bees and ladybug stitch markers for sale. Thought of your teeny, tiny teddy bears. =D What is the genus name of your special sock tree?

  12. the socks over looking the canyon photo made me a bit dizzy


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