07 April 2011

Home Improvement

Not A GardenLeaky, sloped sandbox with weeds and rusty shovel came with the house.

betterThis is what we did with it last year.

mine, all mineThis is who thought we did all that hard work for her.

Got corn?This is who ate what Pierce, the bunny, left behind.

sunflower paradiseThis was paradise.

Fibonacci PerfectionI couldn't get enough photos!

speechlessThis was heartbreak, pure and simple.

double the troubleThis was a nightmare.

tears for fearsThis made me cry.

crazinessThis is the first step of our initial stab at trying to do it all over again this year, heartache and all.

peppersAnd these are just two of the hundreds of reasons why we keep trying...



  1. We say here, that "osta ensin siemenet, osta sitten taimenet ja osta sitten koko kaali". Buy first the seeds, a bit later buy the plants and finally, go to the supermarket and buy the "@$&#?" cabbage, haha.

    I think it´s the same thing that you mean :). We gardeners must have a lot hope :D.

    I love the photos.

  2. Gardening is definitely a challenge.
    Beautiful photos!

  3. oh my. i know how it feels, to see the caterpillars, and the bugs eating it all....but that's why we persevere and keep at it, because eventually they can't eat it all! Or, try making a net cage for the smaller plants? I hope you have better luck this year :)

  4. The whole cycle of life is represented in these photos. The detail is astounding! I love the droplets in that last one... just want to reach out and touch the textures right through my screen.

  5. Baby veggies are so exciting. I can't resist taking pictures of them either. A little chicken wire should keep the bunny out.
    Thanks for your always-beautiful blog!

  6. Hey?! I quickly ran outside to see if you were there because that first picture looks like MY garden....NOW!
    I laughed and love the story of the bunny's look on its face "Mine, all mine". Perfect name for that photo.
    Your blog makes my day.

  7. Bunnies do consider the world is theirs. love to point out to my students that a sunflower will grow taller in a few months than they will in 18 years.

  8. I so admire the resiliency of gardeners. I have black thumbs!


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