29 April 2011

Friday Funny

Wolf Creek Pass felt like 18,000 feet of climbing.
I recently finished uploading my 2010 Ride the Rockies photos. Yes, it took me this long. But, at least they are done now!

I had forgotten some of the special moments I experienced along the way. I had forgotten the grandeur. I had forgotten the humor.

No more! Now I have an entire gallery to remember the second most difficult ride I've ever done.

My altimeter reading 18,000 feet on Wolf Pass (which reaches only 10,857 feet), everything imaginable turned into clothes lines, artistic volunteers at rest stops, the games they tried to make us play to take our minds off how weary we were...

Good times. Gonna miss it this year!

Mesa State Hanging Tree
Picturesque Ouray
Orange Toss somewhere in southwestern Colorado
Dry them shorts!
Scenic Wolf Creek Pass (no one was hurt)
Rest Stop Artistry


  1. Thanks for a great series of pictures. They really take me back to when we did Freewheel, the across the state of Oklahoma the first week of June. The field of tents that spring up like mushrooms every evening, the long line of portapottys, the FOOD! Awesome.

  2. That really looks like fun. I love the photo of all the tents with the snow covered peaks in the background!

  3. great shots. Photos is good to remeber things by. Aren´t they? I love that campsite. I could never bike like that. You must have a strong body. :)

  4. I really DOES look like it was fun! Everyone playing or resting.....even the semi took a snooze on its side.
    You go, girl, with 610 miles!!!!

  5. Man this looks like great fun. Great photos. I'll be back to check out more.


  6. I can't imagine riding at that altitude. No wonder people in Colorado are so slim. And you must all have lungs of steel. My nephew's lived there for a year now, and he's still adjusting to the altitude, especially as regards riding.

    How fun to participate in something like this!

  7. Wow, wonderful album. How did that guy get his guitar up there - did he carry it along, or were there sag wagons? What a great group event.

  8. loving the banana gal photo

  9. What wonderful images and memories. Looks like a great time!!!


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