22 March 2011

Wordless Wednesday

receding snow, new growth
last year's prickly pear
last year's veins


  1. The acorn and leaf shot are the awesomest. =] I wonder if any acorns were on the ground?

  2. That last photo is just stunning!

    It was time to change to a more spring like banner I thought :)

  3. spring emerges slowly, calling for us to be mindful and patient. snowing here today.

  4. Those perfect little acorn cups! And the lace of that leaf!

  5. Nice to see a little spring coming to the higher elevations. Here...just rain. Lots and lots of rain.

  6. I'm so ready for spring! You've uncovered all the signs that it won't be long, now.

  7. These are great shots, you must have been there for ages to get them! The first one is intriguing, could a number of things hanging out on that branch!

  8. the first shot...that´s teh acorn, right. I have a habit of picking them and have them in my pocket. I choose a size that fits the tip of one of my fingers. Do you know they are very smooth inside? Try it. I think you will like it. I have a small one I picked years ago. it looks a litle like a mockasin.

  9. Great photos. I really like the acorn shot (or the acorn-caps) and the one that looks like a close-up of a cactus.

  10. My mouse wandered, all by itself, around your blog and landed on the picture of the empty acorns...it highlighted the word---drained.
    Wow. That peeked my interest to see what your other pictures, today, said about themselves. Aging and last year's veins.
    Beautiful pictures...thoughtful art.

  11. Stunning pictures ... every single one is a masterpiece!


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