11 March 2011

Return to Leadville

I have not seen this trailer yet, so I don't actually know what I'm sharing as I put this post together. Because I bought the first "Race Across the Sky" last year, I received a promotional email when the newest Leadville 100 movie was about to be released on DVD. I loved the first movie so much, I didn't need to see a trailer. I ordered the new movie on the spot.

The new movie came in the mail Thursday. I watched just a tiny portion of it when I got home late Thursday night. (Instead of quilting, dang it!) I couldn't help myself. I couldn't resist. And tears are streaming down my face again as I type this. This movie is incredible. I can't wait to watch the rest.

The stories of everyday people fighting adversity such as blindness, multiple sclerosis, cancer, mental illness, you name it... trying to make it through one of the toughest mountain bike races on the planet, witnessing everyday cyclists with everyday weaknesses like me struggle up the Columbine Mine climb... Man, it makes getting up Pikes Peak this fall seem so much more realistic for me!

Update: That's what I get for not being able to watch YouTube at home from my slow internet connection. I initially linked to LAST year's movie. The new movie is better. No Lance. Limited Levi. Mostly locals and everyday people. Totally inspirational. Now I've got the correct movie link embedded.


  1. Looks interesting! Thanks for giving us a preview of what's up and coming!

  2. Looks like an EXCELLENT movie, Deb. I can't wait to see it. And the soundtrack is great!

  3. So, so deep! You have a good heart, Deb.

  4. Wow, just watching the 2 minute trailer exhausted me. I can't imagine!

  5. Something to make us all think a little harder.


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