04 March 2011

Friday Funny

You may know I tried to climb Pikes Peak on my bike last year. You may know I came up short. You may know I did not like being Lanterne Rouge one bit. You may know I designed a 3D snowflake pattern to commemorate that day (and make the best of an embarrassingly painful finish). You may know I'm registered to give it a go again this year.

But did you know I now have my official Pikes Peak honor in lights?!? (scroll to the bottom of linked page...)

As if I wanted this lovely achievement bronzed and broadcast to the world!


  1. :):):).

    You have your eyes back?:) THX.

  2. All the more incentive, I'd say. You'll do it!

  3. You did not fail; you just came short. I think you should be very proud of your accomplishment and I wish you the very best of luck this year!! Heck, I can't imagine even trying to walk up a quarter of that peak...

  4. Geez. I'm sorry. But, your lantern is awesome! And this year, you WILL ride to the top in a timely manner!

  5. Oh, geez, it's officially out there. Well, work it, own it! Maybe you should design a snowflake called "Last Rider on the Mountain." =D I'm picturing a lovely flake with one long tendril hanging down and a flashy bead hanging off the end.

  6. From one who probably couldn't even ride a bike, you are a success (in more then one way from what I've read on your blog). Ride on!

  7. What a wonderfully creative lantern. Love it!

  8. Thank you, everyone. I'm still a little horrified about my name on that page, but it certainly does give me something to work for.

    If you're curious why Neferi asked about my eyes, it's because I told her that her beautiful crocheted afghan popped my eyes right out of my head.

    JAC, that is a phenomenal idea! I'm going to do it!!!


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