28 March 2011


I love Wordle!
No losers on this site, nosiree! Good thing I didn't have hundreds of contestants!!! Ten people commented on my husband's blog post about his new bike, and two left more comments elsewhere. That's the most comments he's ever had. More than four times the most comments he's ever had!

Mission: Accomplished!

The Lizard had been feeling his blog is a waste of time because (a) he doesn't have access to a computer during the day, (b) we have only one working computer at home, (c) our dial-connection prevents him from visiting blogs to comment and make friends, and (d) he thinks his blog is boring because he gets so few visits.

I kept trying to tell him once we have a faster internet connection and he gets to spend a little more time being social on the internet, he'll see people actually do enjoy his sense of humor and photography. I also frequently remind him we bloggers do what we do because it brings us joy.

Bringing others joy is a huge bonus, but we do what we do because it fulfills an inner need. He wasn't seeing his own joy, though. Not until he got an inbox full of comment presents!

So thank you, those of you who took the time to rally around The Lizard and pass on warm fuzzies! You've brightened the month and outlook of The Lizard. I guess it really does take a village to raise a blogger!

Now, for prizes. I kind of expected maybe four comments, and I have four fiber lizards, so I thought I was covered. (Yes, there is a fifth lizard, Cortez, whom I crafted to sell on Etsy but have become extremely emotionally attached to and probably can never part with now.) I won't have time to multiply and replenish our Lizard Earth with more little amigurumi reptiles until I finish my snowflake quilt, so I went on a makeshift scavenger hunt to see what other offerings I have to give, and this is what I came up with:

Snodgrass, of course.

Lizard Peeps
Family members, from left, St. Elmo, Schofield and Jefferson. St. Elmo was born 13 months ago at the foot of Mount Princeton, one of my favorite 14ers, following a successful cross-country skiing trip. Schofield was born the same time as Snodgrass, although I put him together right away, so the pair are not true twins. Schofield is the mountain pass we frequent on cross-country ski trips and mountain biking wildflower excursions. Schofield Pass, by the way, is considered one of the most dangerous four-wheel drive roads in Colorado. Which is why we use alternative methods to travel it. Jefferson was born last summer (the baby of the family!) near the trailhead at Jefferson Lake, where we hiked up Glacier Peak (because it has such a cool name) and where I shot a video of the biggest elk heard I'd ever seen to date. (I'll post the movie one day so you can see my shaky movie camerawork.) And that's saying a lot, having lived in Estes Park, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, for nearly eight years once in another life.

inuksuk, tribble, snowflake and sock
Assorted handmades, clockwise from left, Iluak, Tribble, El Diente and a mini sock key chain. Iluak is an inuksuk made prior to last year's winter Olympics because I love the logo. Iluak is Inuit for "person who does good things." The Tribble was made for a Starfleet Fiber Arts challenge in March to win points - successfully, I might add! This Tribble has been sterilized and will NOT reproduce. El Diente is my second favorite snowflake ever. And the knitted sock... well, I'm addicted to socks all over again, and the cuff on this baby was knitted with toothpicks. But I don't have to use toothpicks anymore after today!!! KnackfulKnitter sent a set of real knitting needles tinier in circumference than toothpicks!!! Who knew such a thing existed!!!

polar babies
A set of polar babies. They don't have names or a story behind them, unfortunately. I was just playing with yarn when I made them.

Quilted Skies
A greeting card set. Using PhotoShop, I "quilted" a month's worth of sunrises and sunsets into traditional quilt square shapes for a photography competition. I liked the result so much, I blew the competition shot up, framed it and have it hanging in my living room. I call this my "Quilted Skies" series.

tiny flower basket
And finally, a tiny flower basket I made last year while waiting for spring.

Hopefully there is something in there each of you will love and cherish.

Titanium, I think The Lizard laughed the hardest at your "Wheel in the Sky." And he was singing it all weekend after that! So you get first choice.

Delena, yours comes a close second because The Lizard and his brother raced motocross when they were young, and he said that's why his mom's hair is white. Second choice goes to you.

N. Maria, you had us both going with bike bones! Third choice.

The rest of you, Stratoz, Neferi, Susan Rasmussen Eyring Jones, Laurelei, Patty, Rose Lefebrve and Kristin, please send me your top three choices, and I will divy up as best I can and let you know if your choices are already taken.

I need snail mail addresses for most of you (snowcatcher at att dot net), and the packages will be off in the mail tomorrow (or as soon as all picks are made). My little critters are so happy to be getting new families!

The big winner is me. I got to see My Lizard smile. MANY times!!! And that's the best gift in the world you could have given me.


  1. I love the green lizard(1st choice!), the colorful snowflake and the tiny stocking!
    I will email my address--Rose

  2. Wow! So hard to choose. El Diente, though. Black is my favorite color, so this snowflake takes it!

    Poor Lizard. It's actually my natural shyness coming into play that kept me from commenting frequently on his posts. I didn't want him to think I was a know-it-all who just sprayed words all ovah the place. He's an amazing athlete and he's firmly entrenched in my feed reader. I read all of his posts (as well as yours) and will henceforth (moreover and therefore) commence to comment vigorously.

    I'm so glad you invited us to join in his celebration. It's delightful to part of your circle of friends, Deb.

  3. Thank you so much for the fun and the generosity.

  4. St Elmo is way cool. Also dig the notecards.

  5. I second what Titanium said...except that I'm not shy. :)
    Love the phrase, "it takes a village to raise a blogger"...
    When I first blogged, I cried. No one seemed to be interested and I was struggling on the How-to, to begin with.


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