08 March 2011

Wordless Wednesday

mated for life
sandhill sunrise
sandhill cranes in flight
sandhill crane


  1. All of the pictures are awesome, but I absolutely *heart* the last one! It is so stunning!

  2. Deb, you are a gifted photographer who leads a charmed life. Just. Stunning.

  3. What a gorgeous combination - graceful cranes with the glorious sky colors behind them. Just plain amazing.

    Apparently, in the fall, a large flock of cranes came right over my house and circled for a while. I heard about it but, sadly, I was out when they circled.

  4. Beautiful photos. I like the first two the best - the contrast between the sunset and the silhouettes are very clear.

  5. your pictures worth to be inside national geographic :-) honestly!

  6. These are gorgeous! I am in love with the second one!

  7. gorgeous! Isn´t it great that spring is finally close? It was bad to come home to a cold and snowy sweden after being in CR. But now the birds are coming and hope is up. :)

  8. They're all stunning pictures, but that second one with birds on the ground and in the air just tugs at my heart. Simply beautiful!

  9. Wordless? Sheesh, I'm breathless. These cranes are so elegant, so beautifully framed against the sky.


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