17 March 2011


mooned by snowflakes
My grandmother always taught me the back of my work should look as good as the front. I'm pretty darned proud of my embroidered snowflake derrières. Yes, you are being mooned by snowflakes!

The last quilt I made was two years ago. I'd forgotten how long the entire process takes. I mistakenly thought I could whip this baby out quickly. I took the day off Tuesday to stay home and quilt... finish as much as I could and get the quilt ready for photographs so I can enter it in two different shows.

The photo CDs and entry blanks are in the mail now. I still have work to do. I still keep coming up with more and more embellishment ideas. The quilt's not done yet. But I can take a short break from mandatory stitching. My fingertips are very grateful.

I suppose when I start doing taxes, I'll wish I was embedded back in the snowflake midnight oil!


  1. Absolutely exquisite embroidery. I'm truly impressed!

  2. Such a lovely pattern. Please be sure to post a finished picture.

  3. Almost there, right? =] It looks nice, though I can only see the back!

  4. Mooned by a snowflake. That's gotta be a first, for me. These are every bit as artistic, elegant and exquisite from any angle.

  5. Yes, the back MUST look as good as the front!!! I agree!
    You did a beautiful job and I don't mind being "mooned by a snowflake"....
    Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

  6. It's just plain gorgeous! What a beautiful job you've done. Glad you got to take a day off of work to do this kind of work. it's good for the soul! And let me see, taxes or quilting, taxes or quilting. Ha!

  7. true, teh back shall be as good as the front. I´ve been taught that too. :) Do you have any idéa of how many varieties you have made??

  8. You should be proud! Your grandmother was spot on!

  9. Thank you so much, everyone! It's actually fun again now because I'm no longer on deadline! Well, until the end of April... but I should be done by then.

    NatureFootstep, I think I've written crocheted patterns for 77 snowflakes now. I have no clue how many I've made over the years that I never made patterns for. Of the embroidered ones on the quilt, I've done six different designs so far. I think I'll do two more, and then I'll be breaking the Snowflake Code and duplicating! :D


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