26 August 2010

Catching Up

busy, busy beeI've been such a busy little bee. Did you know "bee" is what Deborah means?!?

I spent so many months preparing for Ride the Rockies, then claiming a 1,000-mile month, I didn't pay enough attention to other things on my plate. Now I'm getting back on track. Which means, of course, my bikes are suffering from neglect. Which means I'm totally neglecting fitness. Ugh. Just can't win!

Paradise Rainbow Basket by Torie AndersonNevertheless, I've finally finished uploading photos from the Denver National Quilt Festival I shot way back in May.

I've finished retouching but not uploading Ride the Rockies photos. I haven't made a slide show yet. (My family expects to see proof each year of all the miles I've pedaled. Choreographed to fun music. But they do make their own popcorn.)

I've finished retouching and uploading senior portraits.

I've finished retouching and almost uploading all my Leadville 100 photos.

I've finished 30 socks, including 14 actual pairs!

I've backed up all my photos, organized my hard drives and cleaned up my laptop.

They only come out at night...Oh, and I got to shoot the moon last night. We had no clouds! I remembered where to find the camera settings I wanted, I got my shots, and then by the light of a fill flash and a headlamp, I shot some more pictures of my sunflowers. Then I used star trails-type PhotoShop maneuvers to combine the best moon shot with the best sunflower shot.

Mission: Accomplished!

Transformed my sunflower into a moonflower and found out who pollinates and keeps the uglies away when the bees go to sleep at night.

And now I just need to finish... well, I'll start my To Do list with a quilt for next year's Denver National Quilt Festival and leave it at that for now. Because I still have to get up Pikes Peak. There's a possibility I might get to go back into calendar production, which would mean putting together a 56-photo weekly planner by about mid-October. And I just found out I need to learn to turn a heel pronto so I can knit a pair of socks by Christmas. The Lizard wants a pair. The Lizard likes my handmade sock so much, he wants a pair!!! (Insert more happy, exhilarated, joyful, dancing exclamation points here.) Somehow, I just don't think crocheted lacy frilly socks would work. I wonder if I could design a pair with gecko toes...

Man, do I ever have my work cut out for me. But just see if you can wipe the permagrin off my face. Life doesn't get any better than this.
Lizard Love


  1. what a beautiful photo of that vibrant quilt! I can definitely appreciate the work that went into that.

  2. Why not to try "I just don't think crocheted lacy frilly socks would work", Lizard might be amazed and HE might have the permagrin :). ( I am not sure if the verb might is correct...)

  3. Deb,Go for it. Turning a heel is really quite simple.

  4. ignoring fitness? Yes, that is how it can feel after all those miles you´ve biked. When the body is used to that kind of work it tingles and gets restless when it has nothing to do but sit on a chair.
    I liked your combiend photo. But first I thought ir was actually real. Teh moonsetting with a flash on the flower. :)

  5. Oh my, amazing sunflower and moon photo! You know tricks that I'd love to know. If I find time in my life, I will know them someday.

    You'll never guess what happened - my favorite wildlife camera company is coming to my rescue after my *major* theft (lots of $ of equip). The company is advertising on my blog and I get to buy new cams at very low prices. I'm smiling, can you see it??

  6. Fun images!! Always good to feel 'caught up'.

  7. Your version of ignoring fitness cracks me up! :) I love your 'catching up' phase... you kick so much butt that your feet must get sore.

    Love the moonflower... beautiful combination of shots! It's magical.

  8. Wow, I am excited for you! And exhausted just hearing about all that you've accomplished! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  9. Holy cow you have been a busy bee! You have to feel good getting so much accomplished though. :) I love your sunflower and moon shot! And that quilt! Wow!


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