11 August 2010

Wordless Wednesday

storm rolls in
Evergreen Rainbow
on golden bow
double bow
misty mountains
South Park sunrise
Mount Princeton sunrise


  1. Wow! Every photo was more amazing and dramatic than the last. Just beautiful!!!

  2. The rainbow photo is awesome..

  3. Wow - those are beautiful shots!!

  4. Very dramatic lighting. Some of those sunsets against the clouds look like fire.

  5. Beautiful.

    You need to start thinking about selling prints on Etsy.

  6. So, so many gorgeous colors! Who knew the sky could share so much!

  7. Wow, beautiful pictures! TFS! Happy WW!

  8. Beautiful photos and such amazing sky pictures. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your photography.

  9. amazed by your skies and your talent for capturing. The first would have been enough. Lovely work.


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