17 August 2010

Wordless Wednesday

predawn start
Leadville Legends
Amanda Carey and Rebecca Rusch
Roxanne Hall
Deadly Nedly, Ned Overend
Tinker Juarez
David Wiens and Jeremiah Bishop
Levi Leipheimer


  1. Great captures, so colorful and crisp.

  2. Impressive. It's hard to even think about competing a race like that.

  3. what a great day that was! beautiful shots!

  4. As always, such beautiful shots! The first one, with the dirt bike leading the real bikes makes me laugh in its irony. But the last photo has such great composition and depth of field... Simply stunning.

  5. Hi, Snowcatcher!
    Great pics! I'd be so nervous competing in a big group like that. Happy WW. :)

  6. I love that you captured the intensity on their faces.

  7. LOVE these shots! You reached out and captured the very soul of the effort exudes from these athletes.

    Fantastic wordlessness. Left me breathless, I have to admit.

  8. Awesome action shots!

    I had a really great time in NY. I tried to recreate some of the photos I took there 16 years ago, and of course I took hundreds of new ones :)

  9. These are great! Wonderful action shots and portraits!

  10. Great photos of a great race. I get tempted, almost yearly, to try to get into the Leadville race but then I realize that I'd put my back at high risk of injury in a competitive situation like that. So, I just read about it every year and go for a ride that my back can handle!

    How do you do the watermarks? I have a dream of publishing some of my wildlife photos someday but I'm afraid of someone taking them and publishing them first. Watermarks would solve that worry...

  11. I just love these Superior Snaps. Bravo!

  12. Great colors. Love the motion and composition. Awesome!!

  13. The excitement of it all. What a pack!


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