04 August 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sneezeweed or Owl Claws
Sunflowers below Mount Princeton
Mountain Biking near Crested Butte
Daisy Kingdom
Fireweed and Fabulous Cloud Patterns


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos! Love the second one with the mountain in the background and the fifth ... the sky almost looks like water!

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the one with the white daisy.

  3. so lovely ... i absolutely want to lie down in the field w/ yellow flowers and day-dream the day away :)

  4. beautiful variety of flower shots

    Happy WW

  5. yes, all great but I LOVE that second one especailly.

  6. I was going to see exactly the same thing as the first commenter. That last one really deceives the eye at first but then I realized that the water couldn't be above the fireweed!

    Beautiful photos!

  7. A-mazing! Were these all taken in Colorado?

  8. Such wonderful and strong colors. Gorgeous shots :)


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