19 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday

weeping tulip
pink tree
Mormon tea
iced tulip


  1. amazing! so beautiful!
    I hardly seen any sight like this :-)

    p.s: I have not done your challenge yet, my apology, I hardly have time to dug up my pictures for the challenge yet. Will do it soon.

  2. Oh dear, snow...yak. Great photos again, thanks.

  3. Beautiful!! I can't decide whether I like #1 or #3 the best. I think I'll go with #1. Howsomever, I like the soft light light warming the left side of #5 too. I'll stay with #1, I can relate to the photo at times.

  4. Beautiful pictures, but those poor flowers.

  5. It's amazing the flowers look as good as they do considering the weather...
    Almost as beautiful as the rainbow poop Fawn Dog had this week. She is fine now but requested to use the bathroom more often the first two days.

  6. I especially love the first and last ones! So pretty!

  7. Wow, you captured perfectly multiple photos of something I've strived to get many times - snow on flowers before it melts. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Deborah, your photography is inCREDible! But I'm sorry it snowed on your flowers...

  9. frozen flowers.......so beautifully captured it looks like jewelry.

    Was thid taken now? We had cold, but not THAT cold. :)

  10. Thank you, everyone!

    These pictures are from last week. And now this week we have '80s... That's Colorado!

  11. These are absolutely stunning- and also tragic to see snow on the lovely flowers! Glad the weather shaped up for you :)


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