13 May 2010

Eye Candy

Titanium from Element 22 challenged me in her Tagged and Flagged about two or three lifetimes ago, and Tuesday night was the first chance I had to go into my electronic photo storage to find the eighth photo of the eighth folder of the eighth folder of the eighth folder... I did a similar challenge last winter. I shoot so frigging many photos, I maintain far more layers and layers of folders than the average blogger, so I must be creative in my counting.

This is the eighth photo in the eighth folder of my Nikon Transfer folder on my laptop. I crocheted all those bears, and we toted them into the Weminuche Wilderness specifically to get pictures of them near a genuine ghostly ghost town called Beartown. Turns out, the tiny mining town is long gone. All that remains is the sign.

Thoroughly addicted to sunrises and sunsets, I also enjoy quilting. This is what you get when you mix the two together in the middle of a sleepless night and tinker with a vast collection of Photoshop plugins and filters. This bizarre compilation of more than 250 slices of sunrise/sunset photos snapped during the first three months of 2009 is the eighth photo of the eighth folder in my 2010 folder of my My Pictures folder on my third external hard drive. Using a 12-megapixel camera can wreak havoc on your photo storage budget.

Tulip Chilled

This is the eighth photo currently in my camera, taken bright and early Wednesday morning. I'm SOOOOOOOO glad I haven't transplanted my overgrown veggie seedlings yet!

Okay, now comes the time to pass on this challenge. I'm SUPPOSED to list EIGHT names of buddies here (but I'm cheating because I'm not sure I know eight people who might do this), and then they in turn are supposed to post their own challenge photos in their blogs, tell about the photos and invite more participants. That didn't work so well last time I did this, so I'm also going to comment on their blogs, leaving a hint I hope they will see.

One of the fun, rewarding fringe benefits of participating in something like this (I believe it's called a meme) is when you follow the links, you see new things, learn new things and perhaps even make a few new friends. Always a good thing, right? In the long run, you might pick up a few more followers, and that can't possibly be bad.

All right, Blogging Buddies, it's your turn! Be as creative and prolific as you choose. Let me see your stuff!


  1. I accept your challenge. But, please note!

    You're challenging me to admit how unbelievably disorganized I am. :)

    Folders? Now that's a clever idea. Beyond my comprehension though clever, none the less. Must give this meme some serious thought...

  2. Oh... you MORE than rose to the challenge with this one! :) I had every confidence that you would unearth some fabulous treasures- and you did. Oh, you totally DID!

    Now I get to prowl around and discover some new gems... thanks to you :)


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