24 May 2010

Snowflake Monday

Beary Christmas MugNote: Pattern updated 7 November 2010

This is one of three flakes so far inspired by a mug I stuffed with cherry cordial Hershey’s Kisses and a crocheted Christmas bear to give away as a gift last December. All three flakes are tweaked from the same design. There are still two more flakes on this mug I'd hope to try, but the next two are much more demanding. Just the kind of challenge that makes me drool!

I may still tweak this pattern a bit, but for now, it's sort of two flakes in one. It has entirely different personalities, depending upon how you block it. You may open up and stretch out the longest points, or keep them straight. I like both renditions.

You may do whatever you'd like with snowflakes you make from this pattern, but you may not sell the pattern. Thanks, and enjoy!

Finished Size: 7 inches from point to point
Materials: Size 10 crochet thread, size 4 crochet hook, empty pizza box, wax paper or foil, cellophane tape, glue, water, glitter, small container for glue/water mixture, paintbrush, stick pins that won't be used later for sewing, clear thread or fishing line


Ch 4, sl st into 1st ch OR make magic ring.

Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), 1 dc into ring, *ch 2, 2 dc into ring; repeat from * around 3 times; 2 dc into ring, ch 1, hdc into 3rd ch of starting ch 3. Pull magic circle tight, but leave opening big enough to allow stitches inside it to lay flat.

Round 2: Ch 1, 2 sc around post of hdc just worked, 1 sc in each of next 2 dc, *3 sc in ch 2 sp, 1 sc in each of next 2 dc, 1 sc in starting hdc sp; repeat from * around; sl st in starting sc.
If you're not reading this pattern on Snowcatcher, you're not reading the designer's blog. Please go here to see the original.

Round 3: *Ch 6, 1 dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 3, 2 dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 3, 3 dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 12, sc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in next ch, sc in next ch, sl st in next ch, sc in next ch, hdc in next ch, dc in next ch, tr in next ch, dtr in next ch, ch 5, 3 dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 3, 2 dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 3, 1 dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 3; working in motif again, 1 sc in each of next 2 sc, ch 3, 1 dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 3, 1 dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 4, 3 dc in 4th ch from hook, ch 4, sl st in 4th ch from hook, 3 dc in same ch as previous 3 dc, ch 4, sl st in same ch, ch 3, working back down the other side of branch, sl st in same ch as adjacent dc, ch 3, sl st in same ch as next dc, 1 sc in each of next 2 sc; sl st in next sc; repeat from * and around 5 more times for a total of six large points and six small points; sl st in 1st ch of starting ch 6. Weave in ends.

Finish: Tape wax paper or foil to top of empty pizza box. Pin snowflake to box on top of wax paper or foil.

Mix a few drops of water with a teaspoon of glue in small washable container. Paint snowflake with glue mixture. Sprinkle lightly with glitter. Wash paintbrush and container thoroughly. Allow snowflake to dry at least 24 hours. Remove pins. Gently peel snowflake from wax paper or foil. Attach 10-inch clear thread to one spoke, weaving in end. Wrap fishing line around tree branch (or tape to ceiling or any overhead surface) and watch the snowflake twirl freely whenever you walk by! Snowflake also may be taped to window or tied to doorknob or cabinet handle.


  1. Such a beautiful flake :)

  2. In Round 2 it says "repeat from * around" but there is no beginning asterisk :( ?

  3. In round one, I think there needs to be one more ch-2 space (before the last 2 dc)

  4. Good catch on Round 2, Anonymous! Thanks for your Eagle Eye! I have fixed that now. In Round 1, you are starting your repeats with the chain 2, so I think it's right as written, but I will make another flake to test the instructions again. Thanks again for the head's up!

  5. is it possible that you meant for 2sc in each space instead of 3? when i got to the last round it would have taken more than 6 sets of petals to go all the way around.

    thanks for all your beautiful patterns by the way :)

  6. I had forgotten the first Anonymous had inquired about this pattern, even though I saved the email. So I will make another one of these flakes this week to make sure the pattern is correct and post corrections if necessary. Thank you for keeping me on my toes!

  7. Anonymous #3, thank you for pointing out where round 3 made no sense. I must have tweaked at some point and not written in the changes. The pattern is updated now, as of 7 November 2010 and hopefully will cause no more problems.

    I apologize for being so incoherent when I initially wrote this and for taking so long to fix it. Again, thanks for keeping me on my toes!

  8. I am addicted to your snowflakes!! Please keep them coming! I plan to make at least one a day for the next 10 months so I am ready for Christmas!!

  9. I've just discovered your magnificent snowflakes and plan on making each and every one of them - I would definitely like to contribute to the Colorado MS organization - please provide an address. Thank you for this wonderful site and have a Very Happy Healthy New Year.

  10. I love your snowflake patterns! I am not a designer in anyway but I can follow patterns of someone else's brilliance. Thank you! I have found with the popularity of Disney's "Frozen" that little girls are loving to hang these from their bedroom ceilings so they can pretend they are in Anna's ice castle! The little girls (and some of the big girls!) in my life are keeping me busy finding patterns and crocheting for them! Love your whole website - gorgeous pics!

    1. Thank you, Kelly! I love that little girls are decorating to mimic Anna's ice castle! Boy, what fun I would have had if that movie had come out about 40 years earlier!!!

  11. Hello Snowcatcher. I love your snowflakes patterns and I am making one of your snowflakes. It is a work in progress that i started 2 years ago and forgot about finishing it. I've not saved it anywhere and also don't remember it's name. Im unable to spot it in your directory. I have photos of it that i can share with you and I would like to know if you can help me find the pattern. It has hearts in the pattern.
    Thano you very much.

    1. I'd love to help you figure out what pattern you need, Deepa. I think only six have hearts, so that should help narrow it down. I do not have internet access during the work day, so please be patient with me if I do not respond immediately. I will answer as soon as I am able.

  12. Sure. I'll wait. But I'm not able to figure out a way to attach those photos here.

    1. Do you have the photo(s) on any online site? If not, you could post a photo on the Ravelry Snowflake group, or you could email it to me at snowcatcher at att dot net...


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