25 May 2010

Look, Ma, No Sleeves!

Ride on!I'm in the middle of a quest to be in the saddle for seven consecutive days. Rides don't all turn out the way I plan, and they aren't always the route I plan, but the adventures and training continute.

Killer sunrise Friday. Change in high altitude plans again Saturday; too windy for Indy. Short and sweet, plus shorts and sleeveless, on Sunday, sandwiched between church and other commitments. Wild winds Monday. More miles today. Wordless Wednesday (with pictures from Saturday) tomorrow while I pedal yet again. Thursday completes the goal.

If I can endure seven consecutive days in the saddle, I consider myself ready.

Stay tuned!


  1. OMG, you are an Hero :D.

  2. wow, look like pretty sunny and warm there!

  3. Lizard did a great job with that photo... and you are doing great with your training or atleast to me it seems so...


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