02 May 2010


Oooh, la la!*Best Fiber Fantasies (AKA: Stash Envy)

I'd have a difficult time picking a favorite yarn, but Noro probably comes close. I have four skeins stashed away with some discontinued silk that one day will become a picturesque sweater or scarf. I have yet to pick the pattern. It has to be something that will provide lots of eye and skin contact because the yarn is just way too comfortable and eye-popping gorgeous!

Four times now I've been the recipient of someone else's destashing. I'm not complaining! My most recent surprise came last Monday in an oversized trash bag my friend Tami had kept in her garage for more than ten years and finally decided to pass on to someone who might actually use it. 14 skeins of cranberry! Wow! Hey, I kind of like that... Cranberry Wow. I think that's what I'll call whatever I make with it.

A couple of months ago a friend brought me a souvenir from China. It's purple, which I always like, but I haven't a clue what I'm going to do with the ribbon yarn and matching novelty fur. I guess the goal would be to not let it sit around in my garage for ten years.

One of my favorite colorways to work with is rainbows. Neon yarn, however, is becoming more and more difficult to find in shades and weights I want. My neon stash is dwindling.

Another favorite thing to do is tie all the small leftover pieces of similar hues together, leaving noticeable knots and tails. I just adore the scarves these misfit balls transform into. (There I go again, ending another sentence with a preposition...)

Many times I have absolutely fallen in love with a specific yarn, bought every skein on the rack, only to learn the yarn has been discontinued and I can't obtain what I need to finish the project I planned. I have a lot of mini stashes of discontinued treasures.

Saving the best for last, I have quite a few treasures from years gone by, some purchased by me and leftover or never used, some from friends and loved ones who found them at garage sales or inherited them and didn't know what to do with them but assumed I would love them. (I do, I do, I do!!!) I hope you enjoy this visual trip down stash avenue and memory lane!

Cranberry Wow
Purple Haze
pastel rainbow
bright rainbow
neon rainbow
Old Daze
Bluer Than Blue
Knot Common
Remember When
I heart Red Heart
Modern Technology Meets Good Ol' Days


  1. I am drooling! I love yarn, thread ... ohhh, what treasures!

  2. Cool beans. Knitting, I can do. Not very well, mind you. But - surprise! - I share your joy in yarns. I honed my knitting expertise (which never progressed past winter scarves) after a bad skiing accident when I was couch-bound for half a year. As a no-talent knitter, I sparked instantly to your purple stash. That could easily hide a bunch of dropped stitches. :)

  3. I have enjoyed reading your Blog Week posts... and the pictures are so inspiring! I look forward to many more days of feasting my eyes upon your posts.

    (The only piles of yarn I can photograph around here are Wool-Ease and Plymouth Encore... big whoop.)

  4. I love the little foil heart telling one where to start!

  5. Love the stack of red yarn! I've touched Noro in the flesh and can see the thrill there must be in taking some home. Thank you for sharing!


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