01 May 2010

Ghost of Needles Past

To me, how long a handmade garment lasts is more about project design than quality of fiber. Being able to wear something I made two or three decades ago says a lot about workmanship, but I think it says more about my taste in color. And fashion. (HUGE grin!)

Likely the oldest thing I made and still have. Caron Dazzleaire (color Raisin, I think) acquired during college, scarf crocheted - not knitted - using double crochet cluster stitch, in about 1981 or 1982. I still wear this scarf every winter, even though the yarn is beginning to pill. I've always loved that versatile, lively and soft yarn and can't believe it could ever be discontinued. Please bring it back!!!

Moab Fleece
The yarn I used to knit cuffs, collar and waistband for this original design was purchased in about 1988, Red Heart, if memory serves. This wonderful winter fleece helps me hang on through the cold months and always reminds me of the mountain biking and river rafting trip to Moab when I purchased that patch specifically to embellish this pullover.

Snow Again
This has got to be the oldest thread I own. I inherited it from my grandmother in 1980, and I have no clue how long she had it before passing it on to me. I don't even know the name or brand, only that there was enough of it to make something without having to match it and buy more. I crocheted the lacy shell in about 1990 and still get compliments every time I wear it.

My Better Half
I made this sweater in 2004, before we were married, before I knew The Lizard truly would stick around, and I'm still to this very day so tickled all the way to my toes that he still wears it (and proudly, too, I might add)! I wonder how miffed he will be when he finds out how big I ran his picture.

I used a strand of plain black yarn, can't remember the brand, and a strand of midnight blue Red Heart Symphony. Because he promised he would wear the sweater if I used the colors he picked.

My Lizard doesn't make promises he can't keep. And that's why he's mine!


  1. That is a very lovely lacy shell :)

  2. I love that shell! So pretty! It's awesome that you still use it; there is thread crochet that my grandma (or auntie, not sure which) made, but we don't even use it. Table runners and stuff. =/ When I get my own house, I'm definitely putting them around the house!

  3. I agree... that shell is to die for! Great pic, too.

  4. Your work is incredible, especially the shell. You are so very talented in all you do.

  5. Love the shell! Also, what a guy, to keep his promises and wear handknits.


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