18 February 2010

Two, Two, Two Months in One!

wishful thinkingTime constraints the last couple of weeks prevented me from posting the March installment of my free weekly planner in a timely manner, so I'm now releasing two months instead of just one. I don't know about you, but having a calendar that goes out further in advance this time of year is very helpful to me because I'm planning important things every weekend now!

So, without further adieu...
March and April. Enjoy!

The next installment(s) will be available in March.

Of course, strings are attached... you know, all that legal mumbo jumbo. This calendar is copyrighted and provided by Snowcatcher Photos. You may print the calendar and share the calendar via link back to this site. You may not under any circumstances sell the calendar or any of the images therein. Modification or republication of the calendar or any of the images therein without prior written consent of Snowcatcher is strictly prohibited.

1 comment :

  1. This is fantastic! So thrilled to see that March 6th is snowshoe day. (I think every winter day should be snowshoe day! :)


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