12 February 2010

At long last!

IluakToday is the day I've waited for since 2002. I had planned to attend the Olympics in Vancouver, but economic conditions interfered. Yet I am still excited.

Watching the athletes who have trained and prepared for years for this moment in time is so awe-inspiring. I love to hear (or read) the stories of the participants who have overcome great obstacles and hurdles to make their respective teams. Watching the athletes of the world parade into the Opening Ceremonies together, common in purpose, is something I wish all of us could emulate all year long.

This year, I have a new Olympic-inspired experience to further boost my adrenaline levels. I am participating in the Ravellenics. Spinners, weavers, crocheters and knitters will begin working on specific crafts they've planned for exactly this time as the Opening Ceremonies begin and must finish by the time the Olympic flame is extinguished.

The events have fun names, and I think most everyone who participates will earn badges and medals for their blogs and web pages.

I've been in training for the last few hours, getting my fingers nimble and my mind inspired so I can design a couple of items for which I've never been able to find suitable patterns. I made an inuksuk! (Or perhaps more appropriately, an inunnguaq.) Is this Olympic spirit or what?!? His name is Iluak, which in Inuit means "person who does good things." He's going cross-country skiing with me, and he'll be making sure I keep those fingers flying when I'm not typing, driving, skiing or cycling!

While I was working on this little guy on public transportation, I often attracted a lot of attention.

"What are you making?"

"Um, a rock..."

Eyebrows raise, heads tilt, heads shake sadly, no doubt harboring thoughts such as, "I think she's got rocks in her head!"

Well, see? I finished crocheting my rocks! And they turned out pretty darned cool!

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  1. I like your rocks, er rock man, or whatever. Super cute. You are the second ravel-olympian I've discovered today! Check out needlesofiron. Too bad you can't make it to the games - I was blown away with the opening ceremonies!


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