23 February 2010


2005 RTR Envelope Front14 March 2005

Today is the day I celebrate! This is the day I found out we’ve been drawn for Ride the Rockies. Albeit not via the conventional way.

A co-worker in another state called this morning to find out if I’d heard yet about Ride the Rockies. No, of course not. I expressed discontent because he’d found out so much earlier than me.

He confessed he’d cheated. He and five cycling buddies went in together in one envelope, and another buddy had gone it alone. All seven checks have cleared. They are in!

Great idea!

So I called my bank. I’ve never called to check the balance on my account before. Statements are quarterly. I don’t have my PIN number. I didn’t even know if I’d be able to find out my balance.

But I did. My check cleared a week ago today.

I’m in!

The Lizard is in!

We met at lunch. His excitement was unbelievable. He assumed he’d be rejected because of all my stories about how many times it took before I finally got drawn in 2003. But he’s in.

We are in!!! We are doing Ride the Rockies!!!

18 March 2005

I got my official RTR notice today. I would have thought it might have been somewhat anticlimactic because I already knew. But I was so excited, my boss came out of his office and knowingly asked what all the screaming was about. I didn’t scream, of course. I just looked up at him and smiled, and he knew what it meant. Three times today he congratulated me.

I’m pretty sure my envelope in 2003 had a number on it, and I’m pretty sure that’s the number that was on my wristband I wore for a whole week after the ride. I don’t remember for sure, but I remember thinking as I looked at the envelope that, wow, I was number 1477 or something like that.

Today’s envelope had the number 1 on it.

Like, maybe my registration envelope was so darned cool, they didn’t even throw it in the bin. They hung onto it and said, “This one’s the best one we’ve EVER seen!” And then maybe posted it up on the wall or something.

Anyhow, I was pretty darned stoked. Still am...

We're Riding the Rockies!!!

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