26 February 2010

Friday Funny

beary sweet 0-calorie valentine
I needed to see the following links BEFORE Valentine's Day! But hopefully they will bring smiles, even though a tad late. Nothing like spreading traditional February love out longer...

a knitted wedding
i thee knit
Knit Your Own Wedding
knitted wedding dress

If I had it to do over again, I would love to crochet all my own flowers for my wedding. Better than this. Lizard, can we stage another one? :D

Here is the (old-style) Gunne Sax-inspired set I was designing and hoping to finish in time for my own wedding in 2005. I had planned to crochet lace edgings when the sewing was done. After attaching the sleeves, I was horrified to discover the blouse would not fit. Three days before the wedding. Yikes! This treasure has been patiently hanging out in my closet for nearly five years now, hoping one day it might get a second chance to become someone's special dress somewhere, someday.once upon a time

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