16 February 2010


Oh, brother!27 February 2005

After a traumatic morning of church with the kids (and both kids demonstrating in vivid detail why I must be wary of trusting them), we were off to bike up Waterton Canyon again.

We came face to face with bighorn. Up close and personal. My daughter pet one. (Eyes roll.) Yes, I have taught my children not to approach wildife. She knew better.

The big news here is that I wanted to try to go up the steep part – without stopping – for the first time since surgery.

I had no real anticipation of really making it to the top. It took me four or five rides last year to be able to achieve that. Riding every day. Now I ride two or three times a week, and my back is still pretty darned stiff most of the time.

But I did it. !!!

I was VERY excited. The Lizard said he could see it in my eyes. I really was excited. I am very slow, and I have no stamina to speak of, but I made it up to the Colorado Trail without stopping, without getting off the bike. Huffing and puffing, but no stopping!

Bring on Mount Evans!

I still wonder if I will ever stop being stiff. I hate the way my back feels. I still catch myself wondering from time to time why in the world I gave someone permission to cut me open and remove parts. I know my back is much better now than it was. I have more movement now than I did then. But I really did think I’d be 100% by now. I can’t believe it’s taking so long to heal.

2010 Note: My kids did one more ride with me after this. We did the Buena Vista Century in May of 2005. Then my daughter joined The Lizard and me for Elephant Rock in June of 2005. That's the last time my kids rode with me. The Lizard and I registered for 2005 Ride the Rockies without them. Riding together as a family for a whole week was a fun dream while it lasted.
The Lizard properly respecting wildlife and setting an excellent example for the kids

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  1. Bike riding with your kids is hard. The problem is that you don't all ride at the same pace. The slower riders are straining to keep up and the faster riders are impatient to go faster. It requires patience.


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