12 February 2010


sunrise on the bike path22 February 2005

I need to tell a tale of woe from this morning. I got up to ride. The sunrise looked like it would be awesome. So I took my camera.

Much of the bike path has been under construction. The construction barrier two bridges south was down, and there were no signs, so I kept going, planning to cross over to the detour at the next bridge.

The bridge is dark brown. The sun had not come up. There was no warning. Just a sudden reflection of my headlamp off the orange barrier. OTBSC* for me! My first one ever!

I think I'm okay, but everyone has been mad at me all day for doing such a stupid thing right after back surgery. Geez, it's been almost 15 weeks, and we're still "right after." I know, I know, I limp around, and I walk with a stoop. My back is always arched. I’ve always got my hand on my back for support. I know. I look like an old woman. An old woman who just had surgery ten minutes ago.

But I just don't want to give up my passion anymore. I've already missed out on enough!

* Over The Bars Scar Club

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  1. I'm glad to hear you're ok. And the sunrise was truly awesome.


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