18 December 2009

Fingerprint Friday

"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." -Genesis 1:3

Cave Light
Christmas came early at our place!

We bought a fixer-upper earlier this year. Lots of fixin' up to be done. Some items on The List are more pressing than others. And work deadlines trump everything.

Cosmetic home improvements are not high on The List. Winter began to set in, longer work hours ensued, and less and less daylight was available to accomplish things that require light.

One recent evening I struggled in frustration trying to thread a needle in the spare-bedroom-turned-office, fondly referred to at the time as The Cavern because the light was so dim. I nearly broke into tears. I had deadlines to meet! This situation was completely unworkable! I ended up moving my project into the restroom because that was the only room in the entire home with adequate light for the precision operation of threading a needle.
Lesser Light
Two of the bedrooms have tiny dome lights that emit a romantic candle-like luminescence. SO cozy for chilly winter nights. Unless you’re trying to finish up Christmas presents.

The third and master bedroom has NO light. Nada. Zilch. Zero. We plugged in a little lamp with even less intensity than the dome lights. It’s sort of like standing a flashlight up on a dresser, pointing the light at the ceiling, and hoping the falloff is sufficient for matching socks, minor mending with pre-threaded needle and nighttime reading. Very short bursts of nighttime reading!

The living room also has no light. Nothing. Nothing on the walls. Nothing on the ceiling. I presume smooth, uninterrupted and featureless ceilings were the chic thing when this house was built.
Let Your Light So Shine!
So when The Lizard asked what I want for Christmas, he was shocked to learn the number one item on my very short list was efficient yet bright office-like light in at least one room of the house. Not a new bicycle. Not a quilting machine. Not a fireplace or anything extravagant. Just a ceiling light??? Are you sure?!?

Yes. Absolutely. I couldn’t put eyeballs on my handmade critters. I couldn’t crochet with thread. I couldn’t match colors. I NEEDED light.

I got home from work very, very late one night this week, and I could almost see the light emanating from our new office ceiling fixture before I pulled into our driveway! What an amazing difference!
Three Degrees of LightSo, my Fingerprint for today is our home. Having a place to call our own. Having a job so we can make payments on the house. Having enough light to be able to work on intricate projects without straining my eyes. Having the time, patience, skill and resources to make things to my heart’s content. Being able to celebrate and honor the birth of our Savior. Being married to the most wonderful man on earth. And for Christmas presents that don’t get wrapped! Why I Need Light


  1. Isn't it wonderful to appreciate all these things, like a nice light fixture? Boy, do I know that feeling. What a nice light your new fixture give.
    Much luck with your new home..It is looking lovely, from what I could see.

  2. Looks like the new light makes a huge difference! We didn't buy a fixer upper... it's become one around us from living in it for 20 years - LOL. You've given me some ideas. I wouldn't mind a few of those unwrapped presents for Christmas myself.

  3. Hope you are well and that you are blessed with all the joy and peace of Christmas.


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