03 December 2009

Eye Candy

During Thanksgiving, I noticed a photo "challenge" on Cat's blog. I ran the instructions through a freebie translator but wasn't quite sure I understood the directions. Yet the photo was good, so I commented.

Next thing I knew, NatureFootstep challenged me to participate in the same challenge, and she provided instructions I could comprehend.

I believe this particular challenge is called a meme here in the USA. This challenge is sort of like an Easter egg hunt. You must read other blogs to find your treasure!

The challenge is to go to the fourth or seventh folder in your My Pictures folder and post on your blog the fourth or seventh image from that folder. You then challenge friends to participate by inviting them via the blog entry. I see great fun potential in this challenge because it gives readers and viewers the opportunity to see why you follow various blogs and perhaps even make new friends.

My ability to follow the instruction precisely was a little convoluted, however. I shoot an average of 22,000 images per year, so my organizational system is a little more extensive than just a few folders in the My Pictures folder. I have images stored in three to four different locations to make sure I always have a backup in case of equipment failure. And I have numerous layers of folders in a sometimes wacky attempt to be able to locate specific pictures more quickly.

So, the first image is the fourth image from the fourth folder inside the fourth folder inside the fourth folder of the fourth folder in the My Pictures folder on my laptop. It's a greeting card I designed over Thanksgiving.

The second image is the fourth image from the fourth folder of the fourth folder... uh, you get the idea, right? There are about seven layers of image folders on my 2009 external hard drive. This particular shot was the first morning of the 2009 MS150, where I pedaled 150 miles in two days for charity. And if I'd named that particular grandparent folder "bicycling" instead of "cycling" the photo from the fourth folder of the fourth folder of... would have been a totally different subject!

And now I pass on this challenge to Canine Crusader, Tulsa Gentleman and Robinella. Sandra, you're included, too, but I know you're really, really super busy right now!


  1. The colors of that sky in the bike picture is absolutely amazing!

  2. oh my, you are even worse then me. I think I have only three layers of folders in My Pictures. I go by year and months and then subject.
    The x-mas card is fun, but I like the bike. Oh dear, it rhymed! (big grin)

  3. Mine is up, finally! I sent you some snow, did you check email? I didn't see the meteor shower because we had so much fog.


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