22 December 2009

A Tour of My Own

Training in Italy without leaving home!

I rode up Passo del Giovà in the rain right behind Miguel Indurain last night!

The Lizard's had his retired '94 Cannondale set up on my trainer in the basement for a couple of months now, but I've been so busy with photo retouching and work, I didn't get a chance to be fitted to it until last night. And then I rode. For 45 minutes straight! While listening to such classics as the Training Montage from Rocky, the 2002 Olympic theme and that great instrumental piece from Armageddon. All with no helmet!

I've never been able to ride a trainer while watching a cycling video until now. The Lizard has everything all set up, even a fan to simulate the mountain breeze on a rapid descent!

I competed in my first ever time trial. I navigated a few cobblestones. I steered clear of three wrecks. I drooled as I pedaled past castles, cathedrals, vineyards, waterways and picturesque flower basket-lined bridges. I rode alongside Pascal Richard on his cool mint green bike and alongside Andy Hampsten in his red and blue Motorola jersey. Can I get lime green arm warmers like Hernán Buenahora in the Kelme jersey???

All these experiences were exhilarating, not only because I could ride the trainer without literally waking the neighbors and wear shorts on my bike in the middle of December, but also because I spent some growing up years in El Paso del Norte and my dad spent a good deal of his career with Motorola. This was like old home week, but with a new twist such as I've never experienced before!

I felt as if I should lean when the peloton took a curve. I felt an adrenalin rush when the velocito reached 84 km/hr. And I could raise my hands in the air when I crossed the finish line. In real life, I don't dare take my hands off the handlebars.

Guess where I'll be again tonight after I get off work! No, not Italy. Tonight I'll be competing in the Tour de France! In the middle of December!

a mini mountain peloton


  1. I'll expect to see you in the yellow Jersey tomorrow! Hats off to the Lizard for the set up! Perhaps, I should pump up my bikes tyres and head out for a spin too!!

  2. You will ride straight into 2010. Have a blessed Christmas!

  3. Awesome! You make me want to dust off my bike. El Paso, Tx? I lived there four years and loved it! It was a long time ago, in my twenties, but I have many fond memories.

  4. Maria waving wildly with arms extended above her head shouting, "Hey Brett and Deb!!!!"


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