10 June 2024

No Flake Monday

Still in the same time crunch as last week; hope to have things under control in July. I'll try to get a new snowflake pattern worked up soon. Just burning the candle at both ends right now, and there isn't time for things I love most.

I did try to create a "pandemonium snowflake" in AI for today, and I was shocked when it actually created two (out of eight) with six sides! I plan to crochet both of these flakes, one perhaps as soon as things slow down. (Update: I actually crocheted the AI flake above yesterday after church while Lizard slept! Now I just have to write the pattern!)

For your visual enjoyment, I also have one more digital snowflake temperature quilt that will be complete in the next six days. This is going to make a GREAT fat quarter on Spoonflower! See how fast we went from comfortable to way too hot, literally overnight?!? I may have to start a new half-year digital quilt for the second half of this year. You can never have too many digital snowflake temperature quilts, right?

1 comment :

  1. I look forward to seeing the real crochet snowflake!

    The digital temp quilt looks great. I like the color shifts.


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