11 June 2024

Back in the Saddle Again

I was finally able to get Lizard back on his bike for a short ride last weekend before Mary Carter Greenway got too hot and/or too crowded. We had a delightful ride, saw a lot of wildflowers, and got swept up by pelotons (teams of riders training for upcoming organized rides) more than once.

Almost every group that passed us asked if we are going to be riding the MS-150 this year. I was wearing one of my cherished Premium Pedaler jerseys, of which I am still mighty proud. Elephant Rock would have been last weekend, but the pandemic killed it. Ride the Rockies would have begun next weekend, but it has died, too. The MS-150 is still alive and kicking, and will start in two weeks. But no, we likely will not be doing any more long rides. However, I am grateful for every little ride we get!

And I'm so grateful I got to see wildflowers again!

Lizard said getting passed by so many riders doesn't make him feel bad anymore. He used to hate when he got "chicked", or passed by a girl. Now, he says he feels like he is doing Ride the Rockies again. What a delightful way to spend an hour very early on a summer morning!

1 comment :

  1. Hooray for a ride! Lovely flowers too. I'm glad Lizard has gotten over his distaste for being passed by a gal. :)


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