15 June 2023

Mercury Rising

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The May segment of my digital snowflake temperature quilt is done! Uploaded to Spoonflower in two different sizes, and yardage ordered!

I decided after I finished my April 2023 segment that I would at some point go back and redo January and February using the new method I began in March because my March segment turned out so much better than any of the snowflake projects I've designed for Spoonflower. Last weekend, I finally had some downtime to finish redoing the January segment. The original is above. The revised design is below. I plan to order yardage of this, too!

One of the benefits of the new method of digitally quilting my crocheted snowflakes is the snowflakes come out closer to white than they did with the old method. That really bugged me, so I am delighted to have found a workaround that actually works.

Another reason I came up with a new way of digitally stitching my snowflake temperature blocks was to prevent duplicates. It was SO hard to keep track of which flakes I'd already used when I was incorporating whatever flakes were on the right color of background for the low or high of each day. After I'd had my original January and February panels printed, I discovered duplicates. There are a host of duplicates and triplicates and even a couple of quadruples in my full-year 2022 digital snowflake temperature quilt.

I created a new folder on my computer's external hard drive that contains only one photo of each white snowflake. The project took me nearly three months! I'm still remaking some of the older flakes that never got made in white the first time around or that were given away or donated. So my electronic file isn't complete yet, but it currently contains exactly 800 of my snowflake designs. I'm getting close! By redoing the January and February 2023 segments, I will have no duplicates at all in my completed 2023 Spoonflower cheater panel at the end of the year! The still-under-construction panel will have 768 unique snowflakes!

I'm so over the moon right this moment about my plethora of snowflake designs!!! Such powerful motivation to keep going!!!

Now I'm working on redoing February (shown above). I'd forgotten until I began re-creating it that I'd decided to change up the layout a bit that month. I decided to stick with the original design in the revision. (That's why they don't seem to match.) Oh, oh, oh! I got the new one done at 10 p.m. last night!!! YEEHAW!!!

At the end of June (or, to be more precise, the first week of July), I will be able to create a six-month 2023 digital snowflake temperature quilt panel!

At the end of the year, I will make a new 12-month digital temperature snowflake quilt panel, which should print so much better than my 2022 attempt! And, with NO duplicates!!! Oh, my heavens! I still can't believe I have enough snowflakes to make this happen!!!


  1. Soon there will be yellow and red, I guess. :-)

  2. It's so fun seeing your snowflakes en masse like this! You are so darn creative.


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