22 June 2023

New Colors

I ran out of one of my 2023 crochet temperature project colors over the weekend.

I ran out of a second color the following day. I thought I probably wouldn't be using the 45-49 degree pastel green again until fall. I was wrong.

I had to use both of the new replacement colors within a couple of days. It's entirely possible I could run out of the 50-54 degree light purple again before this project is done.

Now, as of Monday, summer finally has arrived, not just on the calendar, but in temperature, too. Break out the pink. Here comes the summer heat. We narrowly escaped the 90s three times now, but we are too close for my comfort! The coming days promise lots and lots of pink, and likely more than just the 85-89 pink, according to the forecasts. Oh, how I love the blooms of summer, but these temperatures make me anxious for autumn and a return to cooler temperatures!

1 comment :

  1. That pink really pops!

    We've had a real rollercoaster of temps here too. A week in the 90s, then a week in the 50s, and now we're just coming off another stretch of 90°+ days. Thank God we finally got some rain and cooler temps yesterday. I hope the summer isn't too scorching for you, or for us.


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