29 June 2023

Purple Reign

We came within one degree of skipping the next pink on Tuesday! Our first 90 of the year, and it nearly skipped a color in my temperature project!

I also ran out of the next pastel purple that same day. The only substitute in my hand-dyed stash is quite a bit different than the thread with which I started. Got to use that yesterday, too. As much as I'm using the lavender/hyacinth hues in the project these days, I think I'm going to dye again. How can I resist!?!

It gives me something glorious to which I can look forward, and I'll have another purple or two I can incorporate into the 2023 temperature project when I run out again, which I'm certain will happen. Maybe not in the next month, but I don't think my existing pastel purples are going to last through December.

I'll probably be using a lot of pinks now in the next couple of months. This definitely is giving me visualization for the charm square and/or batik temperature quilt I want to make with real fabric (as opposed to the virtual temperature quilting I've been doing all year to make sure I want to make a real fabric quilt). I really like the greens, blues and purples in my crochet project. Not really liking the pinks so far. Perhaps the pinks will grow on me as they get used more and more.

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