30 May 2023

Pace Space

My home has been a jungle for more than a decade and a half now.

Well, at least, the living room was.

For several months, I've been conditioning myself to let go of most of my indoor plants to open up space for Lizard to walk. Our community garage sale was last month, and I bit the bullet. I collected nearly all the indoor plants, set them on the driveway and put out a "Free to Good Home Sign".

Preparing myself for months really helped. I kept telling myself I have two great outdoor gardens, one in the front yard, and one in the back. It's okay to have just outdoor gardens. I can keep a few plants (amaryllises and ONE indoor lavender!!!).

Letting go wasn't nearly as painful as I anticipated. I had some great experiences with pre-adoptive families, too. It was really fun to meet so many neighbors and to be able to teach them about caring for their individual plants. So many kids flocked by for my succulents in cute little pots!

All but seven of the plants were adopted that day, and most of the rest were gone by the end of the following week. I also eliminated all tripping hazards and unused furniture. Now, Lizard comments nearly every day how wonderful it is to have so much space to walk. It's almost like having a brand new home!

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