25 May 2023

Moving Melancholies

I've had a placemarker on my blog for today for a couple of weeks. My goal was to finish SOMETHING I could share today.

I secretly hoped to creatively patch my good pair of jeans because I experienced the biggest RRRRRRIP I've ever heard in any of my clothing as I was lifting one of the crates I've filled with files at the office where I make an appearance two or three hours a week. We are moving out off our 20-year location at the end of this month, and due to permitting delays, we can't move into the new space until July or August. So everyone is going virtual again for a while, and moving is NOT fun! But, we do get to wear jeans. Hence, new and unplanned built-in air conditioning.

I'm so lucky I was wearing a long, long T-shirt (actually one of Lizard's) that day.

I'd patched my other pair of jeans about a year or so ago, and I still have a few prepared hexagons I can use on the new rip so I can be decently covered if I have to go back in to the old office. I likely will not be able to wear jeans to the new office; we'll go back to our office/professional dress code once we get moved.

Alas, the move, medical appointments (check-ups for Lizard), gardening, flooding window well (yes, again!!!) and downsizing contents of our house (more on that in a future blog post) forced me to wear my old patched jeans to work this week. The newly ripped pair is still waiting for some TLC. The knees on this pair are still in remarkably awesome condition.

Even the inseams are perfectly soft but untorn.

I guess the goal now is to have the jeans finished in time for next week's tiny trip to the old office. But for now, the only thing I can claim finishing is my stack of purple "totes" provided by the moving company. I should have taken a photo!!! Here's one from our last move 11 years ago (onto a different floor in the same building), before our new file cabinets were installed. Kind of cool that I'm down to five boxes now, and purple, to boot. It's so awesome to have gone nearly completely paperless!

Here's my desk back in 2016. Now it's completely empty. Although I did have to unpack and hook up my computer all by myself for two hours' of use this week. All by myself! Amazing how we've each kind of become our own personal IT professional during lockdown!

For fiber satisfaction, I guess you'll have to enjoy the latest photo of my 2023 crochet temperature project instead. It does have a lot of purple in it these days!

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