16 May 2023

Howlin' at the Moon

I've been able to get Lizard out on his bike again, now that the weather is a bit warmer and we've had yet another (successful) medication adjustment. It is so heavenly to be able to ride with him again! We can't do the miles we used to do, but even short rides are just the best way to spend time together.

One of our goals this year is to work up to riding all the way around a nearby reservoir. I think that's about 14 to 15 miles. Lizard is up to 8 miles, now, and that's just asbolutely huge for him.

During a recent ride, the meadowlarks were serenading us all along the bike path. I kept trying to get a photo of one singing with the half-moon in the background, but the birds would fly away.

I finally was able to get close enough to one and get it positioned properly, with the moon in the background, but there were branches in the way. I had to zoom in so much, the moon looked like a cloud.

So I shot the bird, then shot the moon, then photoshopped when I got home. I do a MUCH better job of creating digital art than AI!!!


  1. It's absolutely wonderful to see Lizard with his bike again. Happy riding to you both!

    And yes, your photos are much to be preferred to any AI.


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