13 April 2023

New Colors!

At the beginning of April, I forecasted I'd be using my first pink in my crochet temperature project by May 21. If I'd been recording Denver temperatures, my first pink would have been last Tuesday!

Thankfully, we are not expecting any pink for the next ten days. But I did get to use two new colors this week!

During the last ten or more years, I solar-dyed all of the colors I'm using for my 2023 crochet temperature project.

I've already received my first two months of my digital snowflake temperature quilt from Spoonflower (January and February), and the third one should be in my mailbox today or tomorrow.

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I haven't been at my sewing machine for about two months now, but boy, oh, boy, this fabric makes me want to sit down and sew right this minute!

New colors in a temperature project this time of year means... shorts weather! And time to finally finish up that pair of shorts I cut out last summer, or was it the summer before??? (Whew, it was last June, so not quite a year ago!)

I got to wear shorts in the garden this week for the first time this year! I miss shooting snowflakes when winter finally fades away for three or four months, but flowers in the garden and veggies in my raised-bed gardens make it easier to wait until it snows again in September or October.

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  1. Such a fun way of recording the hi/low temperatures!

  2. Still cold here. I haven't worked in the garden yet. There has been a scarf around my neck since September. I'm fed up to say the least. We are expecting a rainy and cool Sunday tomorrow ..... Thank God for yarn! Have a nice weekend, Regula

  3. Beautiful temperature quilt and I'm intrigued with your dyeing! I have dabbled a bit in natural dyes but this inspires me to do some more!

  4. Ohhh what a great Temperature project!! and right? we just popped up there - it will add a little mix of color for you haha!

  5. Ack! My comment disappeared. Trying again....

    The temperature quilt grows in beauty! Amazing snowflake photos too.

    We had shorts weather last week. Now we're back to freezing nights and stormy days. *sigh*


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