27 April 2023

Dyed and Gone to Heaven

I haven't dyed in so long, I had to look up the instructions!

Yes, I was naughty. Or knotty. Take your pick. I dyed and went to heaven. I'd promised myself I wouldn't dye any more crochet thread until I'd used up some of what I've got.

On the very bright side, I am using up a few of the 25 shades in my 2023 crochet temperature project. And to be clear, I didn't dye (yet) to replace colors that are running low. I really do plan to substitute in existing colors as close to the original project colors as possible as I run out.

But ultimtely, I could not resist. I had bought two bags of sweat sets to replace the decades-old sweat bottoms that literally are coming apart at the inseams. The set came with two colors I will never wear. I thought I could dye the homely grayish bluish green and practice once again achieving darker colors. I thought that would soothe my dye yearning.


For starters, the sweats apparently are not the percentage of cotton the label claims. There must be a lot of polyester in there. At least on the outside.) The insides of the ugly sweats are AMAZING after a multi-hour soak in the darkest blue and darkest purple I own, mixed together. The unattractive blue on the outside (and, mind you, blue is my favorite color, so this is truly a mundane blue!!!) hasn't changed a bit. It's just not a color I wear. Perhaps I should wear them inside-out...

I couldn't just waste all the rest of that gorgeous dye, now could I?

I digitally muted my dyed crochet thread to harmonize with the ugly sweats. Ha ha ha!

I started with just one hank of thread. But it came out SO friggin' gorgeous, I decided to do a gradient and wound two more hanks. Because... you can never have enough gradients!!! I'd never tried mixing the dark blue and dark purple before. Most of the pigment did adhere to the inside of the sweats, but there was enough left for three absolutely stunning hanks of thread!!!

And, oh, my gosh, look at how the colors split when I stuck them in the sun to ferment!!! I couldn't have achieved this intentionally if I'd tried! They will be lighter once washed and dried, but still, how heavenly!!!

No regrets!!!


  1. You've tried. ;-) But the yarn has turned out lovely. Happy crocheting!

  2. It's so fascinating what dye can do. The sweats do look lovely on the inside, and the thread is wonderful. I'm glad you got to play with the leftover dye.


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