20 April 2023

Muddy Thumb

Still no sewing machine time squeezed in yet, but I did spend my lunch hour yesterday and about an hour after work digging up volunteer bulbs and transplanting them into my porch containers.

I transplanted about 200 volunteer grape hyacinths last year just a tad too late for them to bloom. I hoped they would make up for it this year. They most definitely are making my spring true blue!

The deer came through about a month ago and mowed most of my grape hyacinth, including the non-volunteer clusters. I didn't know if any of my grape hyacinths would still bloom after having all their leaves clipped so early in the season. But they have been hardy little troopers! Especially in the front yard!

I thought the hyacinth bulbs Lizard gifted me each birthday/Valentine's Day that I'd transplanted (way too) close to the house each year after we bought our house were history after we had our new concrete porch stairways poured in December of 2021. I was so shocked this March when I noticed a few stragglers making their way up along the sides of the steps. I'm planning to turn that whole section of the garden into a rock garden that doesn't get watered, now that I know how much damage watering a bentonite foundation can cause a house. I thought, as long as I'm digging up bulbs, I probably ought to try to save some of the hyacinths, too.

I am so excited to be able to hang onto these babies... probably literal offspring of the original bulbs Lizard gifted me 10 to 15 years ago. I feel like I've planted some new little grandchildren!

I'd already dug up most of the daffodils that came with the house and also were too close to the foundation. I transplanted them to the garden proper back in early March. They look as if they will survive, but I dug them up in the wrong season to enjoy blooms this year. Hopefully, they are busy building strong root systems for next year now.

I finished up last night's digging just as the rain began. I love spring rain! Especially when it turns to snow, as it was supposed to do too late for me to share snowflake photos today. Fingers crossed it won't be too much past bedtime!!!

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  1. I am loving all the bluey-purples in this post! You really are rich in flowers.

    Very sobering to read about the bentonite.


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