18 April 2023

Chocolate Gone Bad

I keep hoping I can become a better AI artist, but so far, my track record is not going well. (I specifically prompted six sides to achieve the below image, and even in reiterations, I still could not convince the program to recount!)

The below image (not generated by me) totally communicates my feelings on AI!!!

Using an AI program, an artist (in this case, me) enters a description of the desired image, and with some programs, the artist may use a photo or drawing to help enhance the artificial intelligence rendering. I have seen some spectacular creations, but as of yet, most of my AI artwork is not up to my standards.

After receiving several (highly inspiring!!!) emails with links to the unbelievable (because the images are generated via AI) ice flower blooms on the Songhua River, I decided the world needs my crocheted snowflakes posing as ice flower blooms on a sunrise-reflected smooth water surface. No matter how awesome my writing and how diverse my vocabulary, I have not been able to get anything near as exquisite as the lovely artwork likely created by an experienced AI artist.

(And I can't for the life of me figure out why said creator of above images has not stepped forward to claim the now world widely-circulated images (being passed off in many cases as real photos).)

The above scene is not imaginary, although it is a stacked image. It is NOT AI-generated. The photographer explains how and why a stacked image is created. Most astrophotography is stacked, and many famous snowflake photographers use stacking software. I have an image stacker, but I've yet to snap enough photos of one snowflake to use the Photoshop plug-in. (My snowflakes melt too fast!!!)

Back in my days of journalism, most photographers would provide details if an image was altered. Back then, I absolutely hated Photoshop because I thought it would lead to images that were not real being passed off as genuine and "straight out of camera" or SOOC, which, in my mind, should be a relevant hashtag!!! Now, Photoshop is one of my best friends.

I started with the purely innocent removal of dust spots from my images (and closing zipper flies in family and wedding photos), but I gradually learned the concept of digital art, and oh, how I LOVE the medium. Yet I never try to pass off altered images as real life.

Anyway, here are a few of my frustrating AI attempts at generating a crocheted-snowflake-on-the-water image.

I even montaged two of my photos in Photoshop to try to help AI create what I was looking for. My altered photo turned out better than anything the AI generator has come up with so far.

I gave it another go in an attempt to create a chocolate snowflake with peppermint heart embellishments. My time might have been better spent in the kitchen with real chocolate and peppermint, but then I'd probably weigh 100 pounds more than I do now. So I guess I'll keep giving AI second, third and four-thousandth chances.

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  1. I'm not adventurous enough I guess; I prefer regular, human-generated photos. But it looks like you're having fun with this quest!


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