02 June 2022

Dripping With Color

I thought I'd be able to finish another quilt WIP over the three-day weekend, but when it came time to sit down and sew, I decided I'd rather have a new dress than a finished quilt. Just this once.

I remember worrying about two years ago I'd never have anyplace to dress up again. At the time, it seemed like lockdown was never going to end. Not just due to germs, but also because my husband's Parkinson's was becoming so pronounced. There were days - weeks, months... - when I felt we'd never again get to do the things we once loved.

There still are days when I feel as if we've become shut-ins. But I go into the office one day a week. My husband still prefers online church, but I attend in person after participating in a virtual service with him.

This week, some of my former co-workers had planned a lunch, which actually got postponed several times over the past few months for one reason or another. It would be my third time eating at a restaurant in more than two years. I wanted to dress up!

I'd bought this lovely Color Theory by Carrie Bloomston a few months ago because... how could I not?!? Love at first site, and absolutely could not wait to cut into it.

The yardage was not quite wide enough for me to fit the entire jumper panels from edge to edge, so I had to do a bit of creative piecing on the bodice. I briefly entertained the idea of using solid black, faux denim or even whimsical paint brushes fabric I have in my stash to make the Color Theory long enough. Nothing I tried to visualize looked as good as just the colorful stripes from dress top to bottom.

I modified the pattern; I added pockets and didn't use the straight of grain for the jumper panels. I thought the "fringe" paint drips along the border would look better if they flowed as straight toward the skirt edge as I could get them.

The dress was finished in two days, and I got to wear it to work and to lunch with my former co-workers! It rained that day, and to me, my dress looked a bit like it had smeared in the precipitation. I've used this pattern many, many times before. I love it because I can wear it with a T-shirt or a turtleneck. It's really a fun dress to wear!

I got all kinds of compliments on the dress the entire day. AND!!! I have enough fabric left over to make one panel for a pair of shorts. I have an idea brewing for the other three shorts panels. I also get to make a few fun and colorful houses with the scraps!


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  1. I observe that many people are trapped in (a kind of quarantine?) their daily routine. So we can ask these questions anyway. Great dress!

    Have a wonderful summer!


  2. I love the dress - its a happy rainbow!!!

  3. That's a great dress and so happy that you finally! were able to see each other!


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