30 June 2022

In the Bag

We had to fly unexpectedly, and I didn't want to take the old crochet bags. So I whipped up this little gem in just a couple of hours the night before we flew.

I'd cut out all the pieces, even the batting, with the intention of making it for my then-annual office craft fair at least ten years ago, possibly longer. I think I did finish three other bags back then, and I think a couple of them sold. We haven't had our craft fair in two years now. There are days when I hope we can do it again this year, and there are days when I dread trying to get ready for a craft fair, when I vow to never manage another craft fair as long as I live, when I wonder how in the world I could possibly even think I could participate in a craft fair, even as a shopper.

And yet, I do have some happy memories of running our little office craft fair, especially when my kids were young and anxious to participate. I think if I could get my grandkids involved, I'd probably dive in and never come up for air!!!

In the meantime, I still have many sacks, boxes and bins of projects I got ready to make for craft fairs over the years and never had time to finish. Like this cute little bag. This one isn't going to be sold; I needed a new crochet bag, even though I don't get out much anymore these days, and this one perfectly fits the bill. So bright and cheerful, too!, Plus, biggest advantage of the finish, one of my really old projects is done, done, done!!!

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  1. That flamingo fabric is fantastic! Cute bag.

    1. Thanks, Sue! So good to "see" you again!!!

  2. Cute bag and aren't you clever to finish it so fast. I thought about doing craft fairs but decided against it -- too much work and no guarantee that anything would ever sell.

  3. Oh I love it - it is bright and happy!! and a true original!!!


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