20 July 2021


The day we recently returned to the neurologist to revise Lizard's medication once again, I stumbled across a brief self-help blurb about surviving the losses of the pandemic. I thought about the last year, and how the pandemic was never my primary concern. And I realized (again) grieving over the loss of half our income, our lifestyle, our freedom and even portions of our relationship due to the relentless onward march of Parkinson's resulted in many of my own feelings and reactions listed in this very article.

Last year when things were at their very worst for me and for us, I signed up for a ten-week self-reliance Zoom class, and oh, boy, did it ever help!!! Not only was the instruction outstanding and the material most helpful, but I was in a small class, maybe six people at most each week, although I think they allow up to ten, with people who were experiencing the very same feelings I was enduring. The friendship and support of weekly Zoom calls helped me literally feel I was not alone and that I could overcome all my trials.

We are going to make it through this! Good things are coming!


Dusty words lying under carpets,
seldom heard, well must you keep your secrets
locked inside, hidden deep from view?
You can talk to me... (Stevie Nicks)

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