22 July 2021

Snowflake Zone

I absolutely love creating snowflake-shaped kaleidoscopes in Photoshop. When I was forced to buy this laptop in 2016 (because the previous laptop just could no longer handle the heavy duty (mostly Photoshop) workouts I gave it. The Photoshop CD I'd bought what feels like several centuries ago now wouldn't work on this laptop, and I had to buy a Photoshop subscription.

Oh, I was NOT happy about that! But I use Photoshop so much, I don't think about the ten bucks I pay every month now for the priviledge of using the software. I'm not very happy that the updates don't work so well with this now old laptop, but I'm going to make this laptop last as long as I can. As a result, some Photoshop bells and whistles don't work well for me. I have to do some things manually.

I had a great plugin for the older computer that would create kaleidoscopes. As the computer aged, the plugin took longer and longer. Eventually, that old laptop just couldn't run Photoshop anymore. Took up too much memory.

The Photoshop subscription won't run that kaleidoscope plugin. So I've gone about five or six years now without being able to easily create kaleidoscope snowflakes.

I bought a different plugin for the Photoshop subscription, but it isn't as easy to figure out as the old plugin. I downloaded a couple of kaleidoscope apps for my phone, and I've played with those a bit. There have been some fun shots, but the camera apps aren't as easy to control as that first plugin.

It's so frustrating to me when software updates aren't as good as the old stuff!!!

The pink fireball sunrises we've been getting again this month made me long for that old plugin. I recently had to listen to a podcast that gave me time to play in Photoshop. I used an iPhone shot to create my second manual digital snowflake! (My first manual digital snowflake was created from an actual snowflake fragment photograph.)

my first manually created digital snowflake

my iPhone sunrise

my second manually created digital snowflake

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  1. It is frustrating when updates seem more like regressions.

    This post is so full of amazing images I can't begin to pick a favorite. The bunny one gave me a giggle. :)


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