06 July 2021

Sunrise, Sunset

I've always thought sunrises and sunsets are best in April and November due to sun angle. The last couple of Aprils and Novembers have been mostly cloudless. Actually, there were not many stunning sunrises throughout 2020, with the exception of the ones impacted by forest fire smoke.

Troublesome and Cameron Peak fires nearly combined

We recently have had more forest fire smoke, but we've also had some clouds, and I've enjoyed the range of color my camera has been able to capture.

Smoky skies have given me some awesome Photoshop opportunities.

While scrolling through photos on my phone, I spied a mashup that was too cool not to try. The two photos were taken in the same place, about six minutes apart. Initially, I did just a screen shot to combine the photos, but once I had time, I created a whole new masterpiece!


  1. Spectacular. The smoke in the air does have a positive side. Have a nice weekend! Regula


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