13 July 2021


They say scams are on the rise. In my personal experience, you can't say that loud enough, bold enough or often enough.

I'd just had my credit card replaced, thanks to a scammy scheme by mygiftedpen.com. I've been replacing my auto payment information as merchants inform me that my regularly scheduled transaction failed. You know, homeowners association fees, water, monthly Etsy fees, dairy, internet provider, wireless provider, that kind of thing. So I was in the appropriate fear and apprehension mode when I received an automated phone call from a company "representing your power provider", declaring my service would be disconnected for non-pay in the next 30 to 40 minutes unless I pressed 1 immediately to speak to an agent.

My first thought, of course, was, "Oh, no, not again..." But before I pressed 1, I realized my electrical provider is not connected to my credit card. And my provider likely would have notified me in a more traditional manner with more than 30 minutes' warning. I did not press 1. I hung up. I checked my electric power account. Sure enough, it is not delinquent. I fumed!!!

How many people are being scammed on an hourly basis by idiots like this?!? Especially right now, when so many people are financially stressed? Please be warned. Please do not fall for this kind of crap. Please don't press 1 (or any other number) unless you know for sure the automated "service provider representative" or "collection agency" call you receive is from the real company. And always know, a reputable provider is not going to force you to pay over the phone in the next half hour!!!


  1. We just don't answer the phone unless we know who has that number

  2. Hear hear. So glad you didn't press 1!


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