18 March 2021

Sandwich Ready

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My 2021 goal of one WIP finish each month carries an additional speed bump this month. I need to finish a quilt for my neighbor's first baby by the end of March, too.

I'd planned to use a Spoonflower panel I designed because my neighbors and I have shared gardening love and seeds ever since they moved in a little more than a year ago. The panel comes from a photo I snapped of a butterfly on my delphinium. I've shared delphinium seeds with my neighbors. And we have enjoyed watching butterflies and hummingbirds feasting on the nectar of my flowers.

The panel wasn't quite big enough, so I added borders of scraps from my stash. I had no idea what to do for the back but stumbled upon a solid pastel layer cake I'd bought on sale specifically to make a baby quilt for my niece's first child about six years ago. I'd planned to free motion quilt free-hand baby dinosaurs in each block, but chickened out because my FMQ skills were so weak.

Putting together the back for this quilt made me wish I could find another layer cake just like this one so I could try my hand at the dinosaurs on my domestic machine. Maybe one day I will have to make my own pastel layer cake from the solids in my stash. For now, I'm thrilled to be ready to quilt another two-sided creation, and I'm so happy I was able to use what I have instead of buying anything new.

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  1. Well done! Your Butterfly on Delphinium is gorgeous! The quilt is spectacular!

    1. Thank you, Grammajudyb! My delphiniums are just starting to poke up through the soil again, and I cannot wait!!!

  2. How cool is that fabric you designed - and what a pretty setting!

    1. Thank you, Alycia! We just (distantly) delivered the quilt to the new parents this week, and they loved it! I'm so thrilled!


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