28 March 2021




  1. There are so many people that call themselves Christians and yet they are in panic. That's what have been wondering about for months. Why are they - who feel so strong about Jesus Christ being their savior and the eternal life - panicked by the thought of dying?

    Why is no testimony of reasurance by the "workers in God's and Jesus' name in the news?

    It amazes me that I get to know or listen to more and more people who experienced the certainty of going to die, and they are calm and at peace. I listen to them and feel calm and at peace. And even if I do not talk much about the savor, I might be more Christian.

    I strongly believe that there is faith, hope and love.

    "Nun aber bleiben Glaube, Hoffnung, Liebe, diese drei; aber die Liebe ist die größte unter ihnen"

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

    1. You've really made a wonderful point, Regula. There were times during the last year when I, too, wondered why so many were in such a panic. But I guess there are different degrees of faith. Some people are firm, and some people are still growing. I remember questioning what happens when someone's life is taken in an act of violence when my youngest sister died many years ago. I wondered if other family members who had gone on before were there to surround her and comfort her, to welcome her, and what it was like for her as she passed from this life to the next in such an unexpected and traumatic way. So I understand why people question. I'm much stronger now, but I still don't have all the answers. So I keep looking, studying, praying, trying to be kind, trying to be a good example, trying to be there for others when they need a shoulder.

      I hope you have a very blessed weekend too, my friend!


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